Your Best

Switch Manufacturer

with Full Certification

Your Expert Switch Manufacturer

Over 20 years of Switch manufacturing experience
All Goboll Switch Meet and exceed ISO 9001 industry standards
TUV UL CQC ENEC certification audit
Complying criteria as CQC CE CB ENEC TUV UL
Fully support on your new switch design development
All Types of Switch

to Support Your Project and Business

As a professional switch manufacturer and factory in China, Goboll has a history of more than 20 years in the switch industry.  

 We produce and supply all kinds of switches, such as ship type switch, button switch, electric working switch, small switch, etc.  

 We will give you the best switching solution according to your project.  

All Types of Switch

to Support Your Projects

Switch Factory to Rocket Your Projects

Whether you need Switch for your brand, or you need Switch for your projects, Goboll can always satisfy your different needs.

As one of the best Switch manufacturer in China, Goboll Switch conform or exceed the UL industry standards.

Why G is Trusted by Global Leading Brand
-Over 1000 Clients

Global Fire door brands

Mexin has over 20 years experience in the fire door manufacturing, we can supply you any types of fire doors for your projects.

Automatic Fire Door Production Line

Mexin has advanced automatic fire door production line, so we can ensure your orders even in peak season.

UL Certification

All your fire doors can meet the UL certifications, and all our standard fire doors have passed the UL certification, if you need to custom new fire doors, we can also do the UL testing for you.

Conform or Exceed the SDI/HMMA Industry Standards

All Mexin fire door confirm and exceed the SDI/HMMA Industry Standards, you can blind trust Mexin fire doors.

Fire Rating from FD20 to FD180

Mexin manufacture fire doors which can meet fire rating from FD20 to FD180 based on your project needs.

Complying Criteria as NFPA252, UBC 7-2, UL10(b), UL10 (c)

All Mexin fire doors Comply Criteria as NFPA252, UBC 7-2, UL10(b), UL10 (c), you can ask us for the UL certification.

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